SAHAR was founded in 2012 to create unique multifunctional exotic designs. Each collection is inspired by the diverse cultures of the world. 
Sahar is the creation of the English-Brazilian designer, Samantha Harding, born in Dubai and raised in the United Arab Emirates then moving to Rio de Janeiro to live the lifestyle of the carioca. Passionate about the beach and sea since she was a child, she awakened the desire to create something different inspired by her travels around the world. Samantha is currently chasing the sun with her mission to make all women feel exotic with her designs.
Exotic, classic and unique. Sahar is for the women who are always seeking the sun, fearless dreamers who desire beauty in any form.
Just in time for summer, the SAHAR BRAZILIAN SPIRIT brings innovation and inspiration into every piece, for women of all tastes. ​All the designs are currently being handmade on a low scale, which provides exclusivity to our clients.